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Intercontinental Law Company



Intercontinental Law Company. Consultation Law, Intellectual Property Law, Business Law, Investment Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Marriage and Family Law, Land and Housing Law, Labor Law…        


 LCLAW give free consultation for the poor.

- Participation in defence in the court at all levels;

- Business consulting: new establishment, separation, merger, dissolution, change of the content of busisness registration;

- Legal advisory, investment advice;

- Local and foreign investment advice;

- Regular legal advisory for organization and individuals in the legal relationship of busisness, labor, commerce, civil, marriage and family

- Application for granting establishment permit of foreign language center, computer center or kindergarten;
- Appointment of the law to defend or ro be representative aiming to protect the legal rights and interests of customers in all cases:

- Preparation of project, land lease document and investment incentives;

- Bank loan, debt matunity, accounting service and corporate tax reports;

- Receipt of authorization, representative for arrearing bad debts or overdue debts;

- Searching and registration of protecting label, industrial model or invention;...

- Preparation of letters, contracts, and wills;

- Preparation of contracts and negotiations of contracts, representative for dispute settlement;


- Other legal services...

Office of Intercontinental Law Company (Intercontinental Law)

Address: 47/9 Nguyen Van Dau, W. 6, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Tel: 08 35156066, Fax: 08 35156066, Proceedings: 090 72 53 883, Land and house: 091 81 80 879

Intercontinental Law Company is near Notary Public 6.

Email: luatsulienchau@gmail.com

Web: http://luatsulienchau.com

Web: http://lienchauluat.com


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